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Sailor sucht Katzenfreie PS
« am: Februar 26, 2015, 22:05:58 Nachmittag »
Wir suchen noch eine PS für Sailor. Ich nähme ihn sofort, aber er verträgt sich laut Marina leider nicht mit Katzen.
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Sailor - Collie boy - 4 years

Good day everyone. My name is Sailor. I am maybe a little less than 4 years old; a Collie man as I am sure you can see. I have had a tough life, I have lived pretty much as an outdoor guy, with no love or gentleness or anyone giving a thought to my care or my feelings. Treated more like a "thing" than a "being". I never had a gentle word uttered to me or a kind hand put on my body, the opposite in fact was the case and until I came here I don't think I realised you human folk could speak in anything less than a roar. Nor indeed use your hands for anything other than that which might cause hurt to me. As a result, I am a shy boy, I spend my time waiting for the other shoe to drop. I just can't believe that some unpleasantness is not about to befall me. I think I will learn that life has more to offer than I have so far seen but it will take a quiet home and patient folk. I would dearly love a home with a soft bed by the fire, with a person of my own to gently stroke my coat and tell me things will be fine and that they love me. I will be the most loyal pet you could wish for and will spend the rest of my life being grateful for the chance you have given me. The chance to learn that there is no other shoe to drop, that in fact the only things to drop are my reservations about the existence of love and kindness.

All dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and a home check will be required.

Bei Interesse Pin an mich. Leite es dann an Martina weiter, die ist noch nicht wieder hier im Forum.
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